26 diciembre 2007


Ashley Tisdale es una joven actriz y cantante de Estados Unidos. Su primer disco Headstrong es un éxito allí.
A mi, personalmente, me gusta mucho su voz y su estilo. Os dejo un vídeo musical de una de sus canciones, Not Like That y su letra para que lo juzguéis.

Verse 1:
I feel oh, so glamorous
Looking super fabulous
Sometimes I'm insecure
Something I can't ignore
All the flashing cameras
Try my best to handle it
I'm just a girl next door
I can hear the rumors take off

All the girls in the club got their eyes on me
I can tell by the look, that they wanna be
Be hot, hot, hot like that
But it's not, not
No it's not like that
All the girls in the club got their eyes on me
They put me down cause of jealousy
But I'm not, not, not that girl
And it's not, notNo, it's not my world

So many girls be checking my style
Checking my style
Checking my style
So many girls be checking my style
But I don't even care, no

Verse 2:
I move in mysterious
Ways, that got them curious
They're looking at what I'm wearing
Standing at the sidelines staring
Taking every chance they get
To find who I'm going with
I just wish they'd see
How I am in real life



Let's go, and wait no longer
In life, it's making me stronger
What I like, camma get that
Like a quick cat
No, I won't quit that
You heard me
Inside, you know I'm just like you
And I do the same things you do
The type of chick that hits spots
In my flip flops
Listening to hip hop, ya feel me?



Noelia - 4ºC

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Hola, bueno pues a mi me encanta Ashley! jeje, canta muy bien y justo ahora estaba escuchando Not Like That, bueno, hasta luego! :)

-Hil_4ever- dijo...

adoro a ASh!!! aunque bueno, esa cancion no es que sea mi favorita la verdad, mis favoritas son headstrong, suddelny, angels y he said she said, pero bueno...