25 noviembre 2008


Racial discrimination is a concept usually identified with 'racism', and it includes it, although it's related with concepts that aren't exactly the same. On the one hand, racism is an ideology based in superiority of some races or ethic groups above others,racial discrimination is an act that, although it's based on a racist ideology, it's not always like this.

A lot of people discriminates other people for being black, and it's nonsense, because everybody is the same, and they have the same human rights, because they're not dogs, or cats, or anything like that: they're human beings. With a different colour? Yes, but human beings.

In some countries like the United States, they're showing that society is becoming less racist, and they prove it voting for a black president (Obama). This is very good because it proves that nowadays it's the same our colour, the only thing that matters is if we are good people and we don't discriminate other people.

This family is a clear example that now it's the same the colour you have:

Here you have a video about racism:

Everybody all are equal before the law, and they have, without distinction, the right to the same laws protection. Everybody have the right to the same protection to every kind of discrimination that infringe this Declaration and to every provocation to this discrimination.


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Íñigo Barreiro García dijo...

Racism is an illness, a main feature in an ill society.

I hope my little children don't live in such an ill world.