20 junio 2012

Chinese music

Hi!I'm Sara Pino and this is a presentation on Chinese traditions , Chinese culture and especially the different types of music from China. I hope you enjoy, greetings.

India's music

Hello,my name is María Lamela García and I made this presentation to my bilingual music class,about India. Hope you like :

19 junio 2012

Japanese music

Hi I'm Uxía and this is my presentation about a very special style of music made in Japan: Taiko. Hope you enjoy it.

Music of Indonesia

Hi I´m Nicole Garcia. I made a presentation about a culture and music of Indonesia for a bilingual section of music.
I hope you enjoy.

Malaysian music

Hello! My name is Jose and here I leave you a presentation about Malaysia for the bilingual section of music in 4º ESO. Hope you like:

South Korean music

Hi! I'm Javier Chousa and I'm publishing a slide presentation about the South Korean's culture and traditional music.

Music from Uruguay

Hello , my name is Stefani and I've done this presentation about the culture of my country , Uruguay.

18 junio 2012

Music of Vietnam .

Hi, my name is Raquel Muiña Morán and I made this presentation to my bilingual music class , I talked about the music of Vietam , and about it culture too.

07 junio 2012

Baroque's music

Esthetic and new ways of Baroque's music. This is glogster about "Esthetic and new ways of Baroque's music". I wrote something about artist as Bach or some information about the kind of music. I'm Nicolás Carreira Pena 3ªB.

Jean-Baptiste Lully

It was create by Martín Martínez Reborido

Giuseppe Torelli

This is a glogster about the live of Giuseppe Torelli:

made by Nekane Varela 3ºB


This is a glogster about Oboe. This glogster is created by: Xoel López Ross 3ºB

Antonio Vivaldi

This is a glogster about Antonio Vivaldi, a very important composer of Baroque period. Made by Daniel Pérez Murado

Antonio Vivaldi

This is my glogster about Antonio Vivaldi. Made by: Iago Montero 3ºEso


Hello I am Aron and my Glogster is about the Jew's harp a Baroque instrument.

Baroque orchestra

This is a glogster about Baroque orchestra:
Made by María castrillón Tort, 3º B


This Gloster is about Haendel, made by Sonia Rodríguez Goyanes.


 This is a very interesting glogster about harpsichord:
Made by Eva Rodríguez Carretero, 3º B

Baroque lute.

This is a glogster about Baroque lute,made by Ana López Andón.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

Hi, I'm Nuria Méndez and this glogster it's about Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, a famous musician and composer of the Barroque.
3º ESO

Johan Sebastian Bach

Hi,I´m Sara Gallego Cruz 3ºB and this glogster is about Johan Sebastian Bach a very famous composer in the baroque music.

Georg Friedrich Haendel.

This is a Glogster about Haendel, he was a very important Baroque composer, created by Alejandro Ródríguez García.